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What is an "intaglio"?

Historically, “intaglios” refer to small hand-carved stones often depicting ancient Greek scenes, European architecture and mythology. Before photography, intaglios were collected as souvenirs from trips through Europe in the early 19th century. Today, the antique stones are usually displayed in groups of ornate frames and give any space an upscale, sophisticated feel. When I initially began playing around with plaster, I knew I wanted to create something that resembled this classic look, but in a more intentional and personalized way, by incorporating our beautiful Catholic faith! I think the art in our homes should not just attempt to achieve a certain look, but also be a reflection of our hearts. How wonderful would it be if the things we hung on the walls of our homes reminded us of our eternal home? Maybe they’d spark a conversation about our faith when company comes over. Or just turn our hearts to heaven when we pass them. I now offer 50+ Catholic intaglio medallions, patron saints and devotions, that can be customized in a variety of framing options. Of course these medallions are not hand-carved from stone like the traditional ones. They don’t come from the 19th century and therefore don’t come with the same price tag. They are handmade, from pouring to framing, for each order. I aim to bring intentional and customized home decor into Catholic homes everywhere. Our homes are the domestic church. Let’s make them beautiful! I’d love to put together your custom frames (when I return from baby leave). You can start planning them Design Custom Gallery Sets or for a full look at the intaglio selection and framing options, visit Medallions.

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