Customize your gallery wall with your choice of religious intaglio medallions,  mat color, inset color and frame.

I encourage you to choose pieces that have meaning to you and your family, patron saints or special devotions, pieces that when you see them in your home, remind you of your eternal home in heaven.

a beautiful and intentional way to incorporate your Catholic faith into your home

All available medallions are shown below, categorized by size for your reference. The medallions come in various shapes and sizes, however the mat opening size is consistent. This gives the gallery sets a feel of cohesion. You may want to choose medallions of similar sizes or mix and match- your wall is totally up to you!

If you'd like my input, I'd love to chat :) 

As always, please message me if you have any questions! 


The designing process is broken down into four easy steps.

Browse all of your options, and when you're ready to order head to step 4, choose your frames and proceed to select your customization.


*pictured here in white inset with off-white mat

Please note that each medallion is unique, handmade specifically for your order and may have small natural variations in the plaster.

Small avg. 1.5 in.