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Hopelessly Oblivious

While praying with the feast day we celebrated yesterday, something struck me.

The Israelites had cried out to the Lord for centuries for a Messiah, and finally, after so much waiting, the birth of Mary would be the answer to their prayers. Their long and painful sufferings would soon see a finish line. Their faith in God's promises would soon prove to not be held in vein. She was the key player in the story, the dawn of their salvation.

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was the answer to their prayers, but when it finally happened, they had no idea...

At the very moment of her birth, which would lead to their salvation, the Israelites were still praying for a savior. The birth of this young girl from Nazareth was the most pivotal point in their history to date, but at the time, they were hopelessly oblivious. It was just an ordinary day to them, filled with their normal day to day activities. They continued their work. They pastured their flocks. The children played. The mothers cleaned. They said their prayers, and they were totally unaware that the "prayer of all prayers" had just been answered.

It’s the same in our spiritual lives. We are all hopelessly oblivious to his sovereignty. As we drive to work, walk through the grocery store, go the gym, sit in adoration, his plan is coming together piece by piece. In the midst of our sorrows, as we cry out to the Lord with our questions, he is either planning the answers or they have already occurred. Sometimes it may seem like our prayers are falling on deaf ears, but each time we call to him, he responds immediately, according to our best interest. The response may be a "not yet," or like the birth of the Mother of God, happen while we thought he wasn't listening.

We may not see the effects right away and all of the pieces as they occur, but one day, we will look back and realize when all of the catalysts began. We'll see all of the monumental moments we were blind to and all of the miracles he worked while we washed dishes. We'll see how his Holy Spirit prompted the key players in our stories to act, and how he worked to give us the very best all along.

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