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The Gift of Instability

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve faced situations that, although in the moment felt like there could be no good outcome, God always pulled through.

Recently, after exhausting my own abilities and resources, I brought a situation such as this to Lord.

What came up was my fear of instability, as the nature of farming and a self-employed small business is anything but stable. As always I was met with gentle compassion and unwavering faithfulness.

I reluctantly handed over this fear, which I realized carried over to more areas of my life than just this one. Then I heard him say,

“Enough. I will give you enough”.

No more. No less.

He will give us enough, and that is all we will need.

enough orders to pay the bills,

enough of a crop yield to come out ahead,

enough children to fulfill his plans for our family,

enough time to spend with him in prayer,

enough diligence to run a business,

enough patience to be a good mom,

enough virtue to be a good wife.

The amount the Lord gives is the precise amount we need —

enough to satisfy us, but not take away our dependency on Him

The path to heaven is seldom a path of excess. It is a path that requires complete trust in the Lord's provision. He is calling us to a child-like dependency- something that gets more and more difficult the farther away from childhood we get.

I’m grateful for this little bit of instability, because where there is too much comfort, there is no need for dependency on the Lord, and it is precisely through this dependency that we'll find eternal life (Matthew 18:3).

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