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Do you trust that I am good?

Each time in my life that God has invited me into a deeper surrender, he has met me with patience. He knows I need reassurance before I’m able to take a step of faith.

Once, I felt him gently asking, “Do you trust that I am good?” resembling in a way the conversation he had with Peter after the Resurrection.

Three times he asked, “Peter do you love me?” Peter responded, “Yes, Lord, you know I love you.”

Jesus replied, “Feed my sheep”

I felt him press on again and again,

“Daughter, do you trust that I am good?”

“Yes Lord,” I responded, “You know I trust you.”

“Then, surrender.”

When I honestly looked at what in my heart made me reluctant to surrender, it always, every single time, stemmed from a lack of trust in His goodness…

because if I truly believed that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is who he says he is, good, then I’d have no reason to hesitate.

If I truly believed in his love for me and that he was working ALL things together for my good (Romans 8:28) my heart COULD surrender.


joyfully even.

A good shepherd does not lose track of his sheep.

He is constantly working things together for their good.

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