The Custom Harvest Plaque is an 8x10 hand-pressed and casted plaster plaque displaying stalks of rice that come from your personal fields.


Whether it's your husband’s, your dad’s, your brother’s, or your grandfather's, personal crops carry such sentimental value. Farming families know the highs and lows that come with every harvest season. There's no better way to honor that labor of love than by displaying it in your home. I’ve been entrusted with rice from loved ones’ first crops ever, and some from their last. In each case, it’s like a little bit of history is frozen in time. I get it- I have some special pieces hanging on my walls too, a first and a last.  

Each plaster plaque is 8x10 inches and includes an optional inscription detail on the front. The reverse of the plaque features a D-ring for hanging. The material used for the plaque is a gypsum-cement plaster that is designed specifically for increased strength and casting detail, giving you an intricate piece that will last through generations to come.